Project MakefileΒΆ

generated: 02 May 2015 - 19:54

   Please use 'make <target>' where where <target> is one of


   install            run 'python install'
   uninstall          run 'pip uninstall <package>'
   develop            install links to source files in current Python environment
   reset-dev          uninstall all links and console scripts and make clean
   clean              remove all artifacts
   clean-build        remove build artifacts
   clean-docs         remove documentation build artifacts
   clean-pyc          remove Python file artifacts (except in 'ext')
   clean-test         remove test artifacts (e.g. 'htmlcov')
   clean-logs         remove log artifacts and place empty file in 'log_dir'


   autopep8           automatically correct 'pep8' violations
   lint               check style with 'flake8'
   test               run tests quickly with the default Python
   test-all           run tests on every Python version with tox
   coverage           check code coverage quickly with the default Python


   docs               generate Sphinx HTML documentation, including API docs
   docs-pdf           generate Sphinx HTML and PDF documentation, including API docs
   sdist              package
   publish            package and upload sdist and universal wheel to PyPI
   register           update README.rst on PyPI
   push-github        push all changes to git repository on
   push-bitbucket     push all changes to git repository on
                           --> include commit message as M='your message'


   M='your message'   mandatory git commit message
   N='package name'   specify python package name (optional)
                           --> specify platform specific 'open' cmd (optional)
   P='path/to/python' specify python executable (optional)